On the first day of summer, a fresh breeze blew through the alleys at the ‘Rheinauhafen’ in Cologne. My first time playing ‘Open Air’, my first time at the festival of music. Looking back I’m glad to have brought my roll-up banner, ’cause I doubt anybody would have recognized me with all the hair in my face…

I really had a great time that day! Everything was well organized and therefore flew more than smoothly. So I wanna say a big ‘Thank you’ to the engineer who was responsible for me that day! Thank you to the bakery ‘Mauel’ for their stage partnership and the whole ‘Fête de la Musique’ Team!

Thank you Frank for your lovely pictures, it is always fun having you around!

I also wanna thank all of YOU, who have taken their time to listen to my music- may it have been for one song, for two songs or the whole set! There have been some surprise guests in the audience too, which made my day – thank you for that! And thanks to everyone who stepped up to me after Crazy, the last song of my set and presented me with so many warm and positive words. This all means so much to me – your words keep pushing me whenever I seem to climb a mountain.

Until next time!
Lots of love, Jenny



All In Good Time

Building A Good Name

May Spring Come Hit Me Soon

Maria Pavlidou

Wrong Breath

What I Wouldn’t Do

Falling In Love Ain’t Free

If We Had Started Us Two

Good Will Keep Coming

Finally Over You (Until June)




Over two years ago, Frederick J. Goodall asked me if I would like to get a feature in his blog SIXSTRINGTHEORIES. Back then I just had released my first EP. Last year around Christmas Fred wanted to feature me again; this time for MochaManStyle.com. Of course I said yes and I had a lot of fun answering his questions:


Mocha Man Style: What have you learned since releasing your first EP?

Jenny Scott: First and foremost I learned a lot about myself as a musician and person. My writing skills have improved and I am now able to think more about the arrangements of my songs. I also changed my view of playing the guitar. When I started, I only wanted to learn how to play the guitar well enough to be able to write good songs. Today I care a lot more about improving my guitar skills. Listening to artists such as Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery has made me want to do the instrument justice.


You can read the whole Interview by clicking here: