Today is the day! My new EP “Deep Black Hole” is out and you can get your download on Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon to enjoy listening to your very own purchased music. 🙂

Getting here was a very long and exciting road. It had ups and downs and moments of despair. But together with Marcel Siegers, who played the drums and percussion on every song and produced the record with me, we finally made it! I am so happy with the outcome and am looking forward to see where the journey is going now.

I let my 5 “kids” go and explore the world. With you they will have great friends, I know. So thank you for being here and listening to them and to me. Spread the word about “Deep Black Hole” and leave a review on iTunes or Amazon if you like it. That would be great. 🙂

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Yours, Jenny

Hello guys!
Today is a very special day. I would like to introduce to you my new song ‘Good Will Keep Coming’!

Working together with the very talented folks that are Waldemar Vogel (recording), Andi Kober (bass), Marcel Siegers (drums/percussion) and Christoph Siegenthaler (keys) I recorded this tune that is about focusing on the good things that are ahead when you are in a relationship instead of worrying what might could not work out.

With the song comes a really lovely video that we created together with the help of my dream team: Marcel Siegers, who has been on my musical side for years, Frank Lorscheid, this crazy guy behind the camera and in front of the lights, Mariel Macia sharing her brain, directing and editing skills and ‘The Girls’ doing a little bit of everything. It was so much fun shooting it and I am sure you will feel the good energy while watching it!

This release is the forerunner for my upcoming EP with the same name “Good Will Keep Coming”, that will come out in late spring/ early summer this year. Stay around to get info about the progress and some more material before the release ;). Sign up to my Newsletter and connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.


Of course, sharing the video and song with your loved ones is highly appreciated.

Happy Valentine’s day for the ones that are in love and Happy Yourself day for everybody!
Thank you for being there!
xo, Jenny