INTERVIEW: Jenny’s Interview with

Over two years ago, Frederick J. Goodall asked me if I would like to get a feature in his blog SIXSTRINGTHEORIES. Back then I just had released my first EP. Last year around Christmas Fred wanted to feature me again; this time for Of course I said yes and I had a lot of fun answering his questions:


Mocha Man Style: What have you learned since releasing your first EP?

Jenny Scott: First and foremost I learned a lot about myself as a musician and person. My writing skills have improved and I am now able to think more about the arrangements of my songs. I also changed my view of playing the guitar. When I started, I only wanted to learn how to play the guitar well enough to be able to write good songs. Today I care a lot more about improving my guitar skills. Listening to artists such as Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery has made me want to do the instrument justice.


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